Whether you need protection for your residence or your business, it is important to protect your livelihood as well as the safety of your families, employees, and/or customers.   Finding the right surveillance system help protect your place without risking your money in the process.

Our camera systems are high quality and have a capability of secure remote views using a desktop or smart phones (Droid or iPhone) via internet.

Beta Security Systems offer both indoors and outdoors video surveillance system.  Our specialist will work with you to customize and design a camera system that will fit your surveillance needs.  Below are the advantages of having surveillance for you home and/or business:

  • Allow you to monitor specific areas and keep an eye on potential thieves, burglaries, and vandalism.
  • If any crime occurs, investigation will be aided by video.
  • Ability to keep track of individuals entering and exiting the building
  • Help you reduce your insurance costs